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Thursday, 22 March 2012 06:26

PRATHER - This past Thursday night, deputies responded to the Pizza Factory restaurant in Prather regarding a 4 year old child who had accidentally been left behind by his family. Shortly before 7:00pm, deputies arrived at the restaurant and contacted staff that were watching over the child.

Deputies learned that the child’s family, including the two parents and 9 children, had been having dinner at the restaurant and left at approximately 6:30pm.  Shortly afterwards, staff noticed the little boy seated by himself.


Deputies were able to get a possible name of the father from his signature on a credit card receipt.  Deputies then used phone books and the internet to locate families with the same name.  Eventually, one of the deputies made contact with a possible family member of the child’s father and got a cell phone number.

The deputy called the cellphone number and made contact with the child’s father who was now driving in Tulare County with the entire family.  When the deputy learned that the family had in fact been at the restaurant, he asked if he was missing any children.  There was a short pause, some talking away from the phone, and then screaming.  The deputy was able to calm the father who immediately turned around and started back to Prather.

While waiting, the child was entertained by the deputies who supplied him with a teddy bear, search and rescue glow stick, and allowed him to play with the lights in the patrol truck.  A little over two hours later, the child was reunited with his parents who arrived a little shook up… and a little embarrassed.

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