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Thursday, 01 September 2016 11:27

CHOWCHILLA - The Madera County Elections Manager notified the Chowchilla City Clerk that only three persons, incumbent Chowchilla Council Members John Chavez and Dennis Haworth, along with Mr. Ray Barragan, have qualified as candidates for the three available positions for the City Council in the November general election.

As a result, conducting an election would be inconsequential as the election of the three nominees is inevitable. To conduct the election would obligate the City to pay an election process fee of approximately $16,000. Therefore, the Madera County Elections Manager advised that the current City Council has the authority in accordance with the Election Code to appoint by resolution the three candidates nominated for the three vacant offices before the election date.

Such action would legally serve the purpose of filling the positions as if they have been elected at the November 8, 2016 General and Municipal Election. At an August 23 special meeting, the Chowchilla City Council passed the resolution as prescribed thereby appointing John Chavez, Dennis Haworth and Ray Barragan to the office of the Chowchilla City Council for a term of office to expire December 2020.

This action will mean that no candidates for the Chowchilla City Council will appear on the election ballot this November. The three candidates will not qualify, will not take office, nor will they serve as new City Council members until after the date on which the election results are certified by the Madera County Elections Office.

Following the certification they will each take the oath of office and begin their term presumably at the first City Council meeting this coming December.


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