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Sunday, 18 September 2016 08:54
EDITORIAL - You say you are voting for Donald Trump. He stands in front of dozens of flags and tells people that he will pay court costs when a white man sucker punches a black man. You say nothing.

His vice president candidate refuses to call DAVID DUKE deplorable. You say nothing.He calls POWs losers. You say nothing. He calls Mexicans rapists and in front of those flags he advocates violating constitutional religious freedom protections. In front of American flags ... and you say nothing.

He praises dictators who kill their people and vow to take down the American flag and you say nothing.The man in front of of a row of American flags makes fun of handicapped, has said that blacks are lazy and you said nothing.

You say nothing about that presidential candidate who calls women fat pigs. Who has hired a serial abuser of women to advise him. Who has been convicted of violating election laws and paid fines for violating rights of blacks. You say nothing as he waves that flag and rallies you behind it. Sad. Sick. UnAmerican. Hateful.

The presidential candidate Trump stands in front of those flags.This man Trump is running to be our next President. Let me see now....He has degraded women, men, the handicapped, judges, Mexicans, Muslims, has degraded a Gold Star Family, is a bully, can stand in the middle of Broadway and shoot someone and still have followers, he has invited a foreign country to interfere in our Elective Process, he has stiffed people that have worked for him, he filed for bankruptcy several times, refuses to release his tax return, has several lawsuits against him and/or his companies, wants to know why we cannot use nuclear weapons.

What we are dealing with folks is a Dangerous First Class Moron, not making this stuff up folks, he said it all, AND this man stands in front of American Flags and YOU SAY NOTHING.

Oh yes Hilary deleted some emails from a private server.

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