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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 09:33
FRESNO - On Friday a citizen observed suspicious activity at her neighbor's residence in the 2800 block of East Pico Avenue near Mariposa Avenue. The neighbor saw a rear bedroom window open with a large duffel bag full of property directly below the open window. The neighbor was aware the resident was away for the day so there should be no reason for the window to be wide open with a duffel bag below the window. The neighbor called the police.

As officers were converging on the area, another neighbor flagged down an officer and conveyed he saw a suspicious male walking away from the victim's residence. The neighbor did not recognize the male but thought it was odd and suspicious the male was carrying a large pickle jar full of coins. The neighbor told officers the suspect was walking through Cary Park.

A K9 officer and a contract officer working at Fashion Fair detained the 17 year old male suspect in the middle of the park. As the officers conducted a pat search of the suspect they located 2 handguns in his waistband, a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a .357 magnum pistol. These guns were stolen from the victim's residence. The suspect was also in possession of the victim's jar of coins, numerous gift cards, ammunition, a cell phone, prescription medication, and the victim's driver's license. All of these stolen items were photographed and later returned to the victim.

Investigation at the residence revealed the suspect broke out a window on the west side of the residence to gain entry. Once inside the residence, the suspect completely ransacked the interior in his attempt to find items of value to steal. The duffel bag the neighbor saw below the open window was filled full of ammunition the suspect stole from inside the residence. The suspect also placed 4 long rifles (3 high powered rifles and 1 shotgun) in the garage near the side door so he could return later and steal them.

The 17 year old suspect was arrested for residential burglary, possession of stolen property, possession of controlled narcotics, possession of weapons and ammunition charges, and he was arrested for 4 outstanding warrants. The suspect told the arresting officer he ingested narcotics that made him ill. The suspect was taken to CRMC for treatment and he was later booked at juvenile hall.

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