Pro-Active Policing Turns Kids Opinions of Cops Print
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Written by B|V|N Newsroom   
Monday, 19 September 2016 07:04
FRESNO - The area of Fairmont and Holt Streets had two shootings in the area on Thursday September 15, 2016 (one of them being accidental). Officers with the Northwest Violent Crime Impact Team of the Fresno Police Department have been conducting proactive patrol to prevent any additional violence in the area.

In the early evening hours of Friday September 16, 2016 while completing a probation search in the area, the team noticed a female and a child on the north side of the street. Both of them had their cell phones out and it appeared that they were recording the officers.

The child was yelling phrases like “they are just out here harassing us” and “all they want to do is lock us up!" The officers crossed the street and made contact with them. Officers explained to them that we were in the area because we want to make sure the neighborhood is safe for them.

Other kids approached and all the children were given sticky badges. The children were offered to take a look inside the police car and they were hesitant because they stated they were “scared”. The children voluntarily got into the vehicle and learned about all of the equipment inside.

After a couple minutes, the children were no longer scared. One of them even mentioned that she wanted to dress up as a police officer for Halloween. This was the same child that initially thought officers just wanted to lock people up.

The Fresno Police Department is committed to continuing their daily community policing efforts and open communication with people in our community so we can work together to combat crime.