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Thursday, 19 January 2017 21:45
FRESNO - Late Thursday morning Southeast patrol officers from the Fresno Police Department were dispatched to  the 3800 block of East Platt Avenue regarding a hot prowl burglary suspect that was being held at gunpoint by the victim.

Officers arrived at the alley behind the residence where the homeowner had the suspect, Johnathon Jermaine Willis, 23 years of age, held at gunpoint. Willis was laying in a prone position on the floor of the garage next to two motorcycles as the victim held him at gunpoint.

The victim was inside his residence when the alarm on his garage was activated. The victim went to check ion his garage and brought his legal handgun with him. The victim went to the alley and saw the lock on the large garage door was pried off and the door was opened about 3' when it should have been closed.

The victim looked inside his garage and saw Willis had pushed two of the victim's motorcycles up to the garage door preparing to push them into the alley to steal them. Willis was standing just behind the motorcycles and was speaking with someone on his cell phone when confronted by the victim.

The victim believed Willis was calling someone with a truck to come to the alley so they could haul away the motorcycles. The victim ordered Willis to the ground at gunpoint and then used the suspect's cell phone to call the police since the victim forgot his cell phone in his house when he rushed out to check on his garage alarm.

Further investigation revealed Willis gained entry to the garage by a garage window and then broke off the door lock from inside the garage. Willis was in possession of several burglary tools and was simultaneously on parole and probation. He was on probation for the crime of burglary.

Willis was charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, and for parole violation. He was booked at Fresno County Jail.