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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 11:19

MADERA - While the future of our country maybe in question to nearly fifty percent of the voters after last night's Presidential election, the future of Madera is on track for continued success and safety. Measure K, a half cent sales tax increase that will benefit police and fire protection, easily passed with over 80% of the voters approval. It took the lead from the absentee ballots reported at 8:30pm all the way to the final count at 11:25pm.

It was the same for the status quo on the Madera Unified School District's Board of Trustees, with Ray Siebert and Ric Arredondo easily winning their reelection. And after a lot of hard work with his campaign walking door to door meeting the voters of Madera's district 2, Jose Rodriguez had a fairly easy election night that resulted winning his own seat.

Jose Rodriguez was running to replace councilmen Andy Medellin, who was running unopposed for Madera Mayor. Rodriguez faced life-long Maderan Jimmy DaSilva who works for his uncle at Lee's Concrete. The DaSilva family was just named to the Madera FAN Athletic Hall of Fame last weekend but that was not enough push the former Madera High Football standout on to the city council. Rodriguez took an early lead from the absentee ballots and ended the night beating DaSilva by ten points; 1164-940.

"I'm truly honored and humbled to have earned your vote to the Madera City Council. I'd like to thank all those who supported my campaign throughout these last couple months. Thanks to my family and friends for volunteering their time and effort to out campaign. I couldn't have done it without your.", Rodriguez said this morning.

Ricardo Arredondo was running against former trustee Lynn Cogdill who moved into MUSD Area 6 in January of this year specifically to run against Arredondo. Cogdill had owned a house in Area 2 but leased it out before the end of his last term in 2014. Following Cogdill's loss to Ed McIntyre in 2014, Cogdill "officially" moved back to Bakersfield where he owns a house with his wife.

According to Arredondo's campaign manager Alex Salazar, over the last couple of weeks, Cogdill had been texting the candidate and the campaign manager trying to provoke them into arguments. I, as a reporter who was covering the campaign, can say that I also received late night and early morning text messages from Cogdill and four phone calls at noon yesterday from an unknown phone number threatening my family and children.  While Arredondo and Salazar say they would just ignore Cogdill's messages, I can not say that. I treated him like a kitten would a ball of yarn.

Sorry I've always thought of Cogdill as strangely entertaining. That was until last night when Cogdill, instead of congratulating Arredondo, the two time losing candidate used a Homosexual slur calling Salazar a "Fag" and using profanity on Facebook post. Cogdill has also sworn to stay in Madera and run again in 2018 against Area 4 Trustee Maria Velarde-Garcia. We asked Maria about her future challenger and after a short laugh she said, "No comment."

Arredondo beat Cogdill 58.5% (455) to 41.5% (321)

In a rather uneventful campaign, Ray Siebert easily beat challenger Luis Carrillo; 59% to 40.5%.

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