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Saturday, 01 September 2012 01:07

MADERA - Would it be more funny or sad if at the end of the regular season Madera High and Madera South meet up in Rival Week with only one win each and both of those are to Fresno High?

I've seen both teams play and if neither of them can figure out how to hold onto the ball, I think that is exactly what we might see on November 2nd.

Madera South, who went 11-1 last year (their only winning season), comes back with only one returning starter. A young team, a building year; whatever you want to call it. This is going to be a tough row to hoe for the Stallions.

Friday night at Memorial Stadium in Madera was sort of a back and forth game for Madera South. The Stallions would score seven, the Kerman Lions would come back and score fourteen. The Stallions would run the kick back for a touch down to tie it up, the Lions would score another seven.

After the half Kerman would easily put another seven on the board. Then the Stallions would score again but miss the kick. Then the Lions would tack on another three to end the game at 31-20.

Ok, I'll admit this is not a very good description of the game but after the first half and all the Madera South turn-overs all I could think about was that new Memphis Pulled Pork Burger at Carl's Jr. and wondered when would be a good time to go home. Even Madera Unified Trustee Bob Garibay was gone after the first half. Obviously most of Madera South's fans thought the same thing as the stands were very empty Friday night on the Stallion's side.

It's a good thing the Madera High and Madera South homecomings are in September so I can spend October reporting on some good games in Clovis, Fresno and Chowchilla. How long are we going to blame the split in the schools for the winning season draught in Madera?

Is there any chance Mike Anderson or Randy Blankenship might want to come back to Madera? Oh that's right Mike is a principal at Corcoran Unified School District and Randy is to busy winning football championships at his new school in Aptos.

Why did we run out real coaching for what we have now?