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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 08:34
FRESNO – The Fresno Tacos (nee, Grizzlies) have had enough. Fed up (pun intended) after months of back and forth on Twitter, the organization announced at a press conference the morning of (Taco) Tuesday, March 21 that they’re making the “Bacon vs. Tacos” competition official with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, and their bizarre bacon fetish. No longer will the Taco Capital of The World be disrespected without consequence.

The two organizations have made waves on the promotional front the last several seasons, especially as it concerns food that makes each region unique. While it was the “Fresno Tacos” taking home the Golden Bobblehead for Minor League Baseball’s top promotion in 2015, the “Lehigh Valley Cheesesteaks” followed suit, winning the award in 2016. So it’s high time things
are settled to see who is really number one (the Tacos).

Now the clubs are playing for keeps, with the launch of, where fans can vote for what is better; bacon, which is one ingredient, or tacos, which are a whole meal of food. Votes are unlimited on the site, which also includes a Bacon vs. Tacos flash game (works on mobile as well), and links to, where fans can pick up new Fresno Tacos merchandise for the 2017 season (caps, jerseys, apparel and novelties.)

A new Fresno Tacos item has also been released for sale, the “Fighting Taco” New Era 59/50 cap. The IronPigs have also released their “Fighting Bacon” hat, which should only matter to Fresno fans because the runner-up in the voting will have to don the other’s cap for a game in June, the first time such an arrangement has existed in professional baseball. (Each team will wear their new cap on the field for the first time on May 27.)

Voting will begin immediately on, lasting until May 29 at 2 p.m. Fans can also vote non-stop on social media, using the hashtag #TeamTacos. (Anyone using the #TeamTacos or #TeamBacon hashtag may see their post on!)

“If anyone thinks this is just for fun, I can assure you fun has nothing to do with it,” said Fresno Tacos/Fresno Grizzlies General Manager Derek Franks. “We’re so tired of all the IronPigs bacon propaganda on Twitter, always butting in on our good time. We’ve talked about banning carnitas tacos from Chukchansi Park during the voting. Some fans have suggested we compromise to end this feud by putting bacon on tacos…no.”

Tacos fans are encouraged to start voting early and often to establish a lead out of the gate, as wearing the “Fighting Bacon” cap on field would constitute a regional emergency. In the press event on Tuesday, the Fresno front office made it clear what’s at stake, and that losing is not an option.

The 20th season of Fresno Grizzlies (Fresno Tacos) baseball begins on Thursday, April 6 when the Reno Aces visit Chukchansi Park, the first of a five-game season-opening homestand. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m.