Where the Hell is Madera North? Where the Hell is the Coyote Bear? Print
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Friday, 03 June 2011 20:37

Story Update: The Coyote Bear is Back at Black Bear!

- Where the hell is Madera North? I don’t know how many times a week I hear a life long resident of Madera refer to this city’s original high school as “North”.

Just this week the secretary for the principal at Madera South, who I think was in the original graduating class at Madera High a hundred and fourteen years ago, referred to MHS as “North”


There has never been a high school in this town called “North”. Before Madera High School split into two separate schools there was a north and south campus but the school was always called Madera High School. Everyone that attended both campuses were Coyotes.

Then a few years ago by board decree the campus on Pecan and Stadium Road became Madera High School South, which a few weeks later was changed to Madera South High School. The campus on “L” and Sixth Streets never changed its name. It was always Madera High School and its students always Coyotes (not yotes). So why are people confused and refer to the original high school in this town as “North”?

I recently took my family to the Black Bear Diner. In the waiting area there was a bear in a Madera South Stallions Football jersey and on top of the jukebox there was a bear in a Madera Rancho’s Liberty High School football jersey. Liberty High school isn’t even in this school district. It isn’t even in the city of Madera.

Why did the restaurant stop using the Madera High Coyote Football jersey they were given?

I spoke with the manager who said he had no idea what was what because he lived in Clovis. So I guess we are lucky he didn’t put a Clovis West or “North” jersey on the bear. But why is Madera High School being so disrespected?

One of the waitress’s said, “We used to have a jersey for “North” up there”. Again where the hell is “North”?  As a Coyote from birth I want to know where is my school’s bear? You’re taking my money that I earn in Madera and I spend in Madera, so where the hell is the Madera High Coyote’s bear?

Are you a Coyote? If you are I hope you take the advice the Beach Boys once gave; Be True To Your School. From this moment on slap anyone in the back of the head that refers to Madera High School as “North”.

And if you eat at Black Bear Diner tell the manager you want the Coyote jersey put back on the jukebox bear. It would be nice if they would burn the Liberty High jersey but I doubt they will. I’m just saying it would be nice.

When you’re at Black Bear try the classic double cheeseburger basket combo for $7.99. It’s a pretty good sandwich for the money.


Go Coyotes.    And Stallions.

Following our editorial the Coyote Bear has been returned to the Black Bear Diner. Power to the people! Big Valley News making changes one bear at a time.