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Written by Jack W Porter, Jr.   
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 10:00

EDITORIAL - Madera Unified Superintendent Edward Gonzalez has called MUSD Trustee candidate Lynn Cogdill's Facebook page deceptive to the public. This follows the candidates posting of a video which implies that the superintendent has endorsed the former board member's candidacy for the district six seat in next weeks election.

"I am not endorsing any candidate for school board. I have asked Mr. Cogdill to remove my likeness from his Facebook page, and he has refused to do so, stating that he is not messaging that I support him, but rather that he supports me. I think the Facebook page is deceiving to the public."   Ed Gonzalez said in an email sent to local media on Monday.

In a recent campaign video Lynn Cogdill used a photo of the Madera Unified School District Superintendent to imply an endorsement of candidacy. In fact Cogdill has used many people's photos on his Facebook page to imply endorsements without their permission. He has even sunk so low as to use hundreds of children's photos he has taken without permission from the children's parents.

A teacher at John Adams Elementary School was under investigation last month by the district for allowing Mr. Cogdill to take photos inside her classroom which he has used in his political advertising. When we informed John Adams Principal Melissa Murray about the photos she said this, "Thank you for this information and we are addressing it internally."

This is the same teacher that allowed her class to take a "field trip" to Cogdill's house for a swim party in 2014. The former trustee took photos of the children in various swimwear around his pool and posted them on his campaign Facebook page without the permission of the kids parents, teacher or school principal.

He steals logos and claims them for himself. Heck he even tried to steal the name of the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) and use it to con people out of money for his "For-Profit Non-Profits" before he was elected in 2010. Something the Madera County District Attorney is currently looking into along with his fundraising for a Junior ROTC program the Army has said he is not authorized to collect money for or represent. Hopefully the Madera County Grand Jury will look into his actions when the DA is done.

While Superintendent Ed Gonzalez has too much class to say this, I know for a fact that he doesn't want to see Lynn Cogdill back at Madera Unified. There isn't one trustee that wants him back on the board including his "special friend" Maria. Everyone at Madera Unified knows that with Lynn Cogdill business will not get done because he will waste time arguing over the most insignificant item and the funny thing is he does not have the intelligence to even understand what he is arguing for or against.

The Madera Unified School Board of Trustee's censured former Trustee Lynn Cogdill in October of 2014 for unprofessional behavior when he cussed out Superintendent Gonzalez and threatened to fire him if Cogdill was re-elected.  While Cogdill stated he, as one board member, did not have the power to fire Gonzales, Cogdill did not deny the language he used saying that, everyone cusses and I thought the superintendent had a thicker skin.

After Cogdill was explained the meaning of the word "CENSURE" by district legal counsel, the trustee ask if someone could please explain it to him in layman's terms. Someone from the audience yelled out, "You done bad Lynn."

Now Cogdill has received two endorsements this campaign season. One from the classified workers at Madera Unified (CSEA) and another from the Madera Unified Teachers Association. Now I can see CSEA supporting Lynn. He is their representative on the MUSD Personnel Commission, but MUTA?

For the teachers union to support someone who is borderline illiterate is a "Red-Check Mark" against the credibility of a union of educated people. But then again their union president does go from school to school threatening to sue principals if they don't follow his wishes and have you heard about how one of the other members of the executive board of MUTA bragged how their son poisoned the family pet?

I think I am safe in saying the executive boards of both of these unions do not represent the vast majority of their members that DO NOT support Mr. Cogdill.

Go onto Lynn's Facebook page and watch his video. You will see that Lynn Cogdill is not the brightest bulb in the box. At the end of the video he says "I am Lynn Cogdill and I am running for MSUD Board of Trustees Area 6". The initials of the school district are MUSD for Madera Unified School District but Lynn couldn't even get that right or check the accuracy of his work before he published.

Let's face it when you are a 13 year old runaway living on the streets, education is not your biggest priority. He brags about living on the streets from 13 to 24 years of age as if it were a badge of honor. He couldn't take the rules in his father's house, a United States Navy Veteran of over 20 years, so he ran away and turned his back on education. Ask yourself this, how does a 13 year old boy make money to support himself on the streets?

Cogdill has used his Facebook page to attack this publication, calling the publisher a "Smut Peddler". If Lynn had a proper education he would know that we are "Muckrakers". Smut Peddlers deal in pornography which this publication has never published. Muckrakers were journalist that exposed corruption in politics and business in the early 20th century. The term was first used by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. (That was to try and educated Lynn on journalistic terms he often mixes up.)

Look if you want a guy to drink a beer with, smoke cigarettes, share stories and sing karaoke all night long, Lynn Cogdill is your guy. But if you want someone that understands the issues and knows how to work with others to achieve a common goal, Cogdill couldn't be further from the right person.

The voters of District 2 threw him out of office after one term. Then he moved back to Bakersfield, then moved into District 6 earlier this year to run again. He says if he loses this time, he'll move back to District Two to run again. (Lynn that is called being a Carpetbagger. Another new term for you.)
Don't make the mistake of giving this CARPETBAGGING CLOWN another chance to mess up your children's future. Your kids are too important to trust to this guy. He is not one of you. He is not from Madera.

He doesn't care about the people of district 2, district 6 or even the whole school district. He only cares about the check he'll get from the school district and were he thinks this elected position will catapult him to next, hopefully it will be jail for voter fraud.

Kids and Everyone Else Loses With Lynn! Don't be a Lynn Loser!

BVN Asked Mr. Cogdill for a comment and in four seperate text messages he said, "Interesting",  "WOW", "Amazing" and "LOL".