Homeless Invited to Farinelli's Farewell Reception - Board to Reward Supervior With Cushy County Job Print
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Written by Jack W Porter, Jr.   
Monday, 12 December 2016 21:06

EDITORIAL - For the first time in Madera County history a farewell reception will be held for a person publicly fired from his job. Someone for whom the vast majority of voters said "Absolutely Not" to a second term. The reception is being held for the one-term member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors, Rick Farinelli, who was overwhelmingly defeated in the June primary by former Madera Mayor Robert Poythress.

A reception for a man who bullied his assistant into leaving his job because Rick wanted to appoint his own assistant even though the position was supposed to be protected from politics by the civil service commission? Then three months later he fired his second assistant who was a decororated Gulf War Veteran when his first choice Teabegger assistant was available to take the job. .

A reception for a man that bullied staff and defended the protection of an appointed county auditor that refused to live in Madera County despite the fact that California Election Code demanded it? A man that attempted to stack every elected position with his own slate of candidates so that he could rule over his own little fiefdom and be the one true BOSS HOGG of Madera County?

He even owns a white linen suit. "Dress for the job you want!"

A reception for a man that has single-handedly increased the circulation of this publication by 1000% by his backroom secret dealings for supervisor's raises and flat out denial of civil liberties of this county's citizens. It wasn't a wind storm that destroyed all the historic trees in Madera County's Courthouse Park, it was Rick Farinelli who wanted them removed to take away the shade from the homeless that dared to use the park on a daily bases to get out of the summer heat.

Big Valley News has learned that the farewell will be short lived as the Madera County Board of Supervisors will soon be gifting Farinelli with a high paying county department head job so he will qualify for a government pension. A one term county supervisor does not have enough time in service to receive a taxpayer paid retirement, so the board will hire Farinelli in March to serve as the county Veteran's Officer for a couple of years. Then Rick and his wife can continue to live off the county taxpayers for the rest of his life. "It's only welfare when someone else didn't work for it", a famous Teabagger quote.


The position of Madera County Veteran's Officer has been vacant since November when former Madera County Vet-Officer Charles Hunnicutt retired. Instead of beginning the process of hiring a replacement, the board of supervisors decided to enter into a contract for services with Fresno County until March. At that time the board will decided to hire Hunnicutt's replacement. But anyone who knows how this board works knows the decision was already made back in October in the backrooms of the Madera County Government Center.

Despite no individual being publicly considered for the position, the board of supervisors have been meeting in PRIVATE closed session, outside of the public eye, to determine the exact nature of the position that the county has already had on the books for over 50 years. Why did the meetings have to be PRIVATE since the board would only be talking about the position and not any individual employee (other than Rick)?

While not much information has been made public about these closed session hearings, we have heard Farinelli volunteered to sit out of the closed session meetings. However, how much information has been funneled to Farinelli by his friends on the board and human resources to help him prepare for when the interview process starts?

Closed session meetings since October over a job that already exists, but that no one, at this point, has even been able to "officially" apply for? Everyone knows the only reason for closed session meetings in Madera County is for the weekly evaluations of the county CAO Eric Fleming!

I do not understand why this board, who has been caught so many times carrying out the public's business behind closed doors, continues to violate the public's trust and Ralph M. Brown Act over and over again. They tried to give themselves a 25% raise behind closed doors earlier this year and got caught by Big Valley News and they didn't learn. Remember Rick and Eric, PERCEPTION IS REALITY!


And what makes Rick qualified to work on behalf of Madera's veterans? What has Rick done for the Veteran's of Madera County since being elected in 2012? First he tried to remove the public's access to the Veteran's Memorial parking lot at the Madera County Courthouse Park. Now he has removed access to the park to many of the community's homeless individuals. Many of these homeless are Veteran's themselves, but Rick and the board have a private security firm running off the homeless from the park without just cause or due process every day.

If the homeless are not allowed to use the county park, a public facility, guess where they are going to congregate? Thank you downtown Madera Merchants for allowing these people to hang out behind your businesses, in your dumpsters or in the parking facilities. Instead of just sitting around the tables at the Courthouse Park playing cards!

Yep, that is Rick Farinelli's legacy. He cleaned up the Courthouse park of those nasty trees and people he doesn't want to see.

I think it's only fair that the people Rick has impacted the most in his four years on the board show up to his PUBLIC reception in the PUBLIC government center. That is why I am inviting all of the homeless people that are no longer allowed to use the Madera County Courthouse Park to come on down to the Madera County Government Center. There are so many new comfortable chairs and couches in the lobby and soon there will be a Starbucks Coffee cart.

The board meeting starts at 9am on December 20th and you can get up at public comment and thank Rick for all the sunshine he is providing for you at the park and wish him well. Then at 11:30 am until 1:30 pm, the county will be providing light hors d'oeuvres (cake, meats, cheese and crackers - maybe even shrimp) and refreshments (coffee and punch - nothing for diabetics except water). Madera County CAO Eric Fleming told BVN on Monday, "I believe this is a public event."

Now if you are homeless and anyone from the county tries to keep you out of the meeting or reception, just mention you happen to know a local online newspaper journalist that has been a card carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union for ten years and that the government center is the PEOPLE's building, just like the park used to be the PEOPLE's park.

We all know how much the county likes to litigate, so much so they fired all the county council attorney's and disbanded that department in exchange for a private Fresno law firm that was supposed to save the taxpayers lots of money, Then provides the county with a fourteen year old cheerleader that allows the circus to continue. But that is a topic for another editorial.