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1 For Those of You Talking MUSD Recall! Jack W Porter, Jr.
2 Homeless Invited to Farinelli's Farewell Reception - Board to Reward Supervior With Cushy County Job Jack W Porter, Jr.
3 MUSD Superintendent Accuses Lynn Cogdill of "Deceiving the Public" Jack W Porter, Jr.
4 Do You Really Stand For What Trump Believes? Common Sense
5 Madera Supervisor's Secret $100,000 Salary Raise Made Public Jack W Porter, Jr.
6 MADERA BOS SECRET MEETINGS: County Electeds Not Employees B|V|N Newsroom
7 Who is Planet Fitness and Do I Want to Give Them Access to My Checking Account? B|V|N Newsroom
8 Cunnings Brother-in-Law & Walk-on Coach Threatens BVN Publisher B|V|N Newsroom
9 Supervisor Rogers Loves Millionaire Developers & FunnelsThousands of Campaign Dollars to His Family B|V|N Newsroom
10 Has the MUSD Board of Trustees Violated the Brown Act? Jack Porter, Jr.
11 Little League President Threatens Legal Action Against BVN Jack Porter, Jr.
12 Board President Plays the Victim - Community Doesn't Buy It Jack Porter Jr.
13 MUSD Board Leadership: A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen Jack W Porter, Jr.
14 It's OK to Vote No on Measure G - MUSD Has Not Earned Our Trust B|V|N Newsroom
15 Does MUSD Trustee Lynn Cogdill Live in Madera? Jack Porter
16 MUSD Trustee Attacks Big Valley News Over Felon Story B|V|N Newsroom
17 EDITORIAL: Convicted Violent Felon Hired By Madera Unified B|V|N Newsroom
18 Slate Mail Ads - Paid Endorsement or Political Trickery B|V|N Newsroom
19 Bad Sportsmanship in Little League is a Sign of Bad Coaching B|V|N Newsroom
20 Did County Auditor Marcia Hall Tell The Truth at Madera Chamber Forum? B|V|N Newsroom
21 Marcia Hall: Full Time County Auditor or Private CPA? - Full Time Madera or Merced Resident? B|V|N Newsroom
22 Madera Unified Delaying Records Turn Over on Trustee's Taxpayer Paid Dinners B|V|N Newsroom
23 Madera High Coach Questions Parents Loyality - What a Boner of a Move? B|V|N Newsroom
24 Where is the American Flag at the New McDonald's? B|V|N Newsroom
25 Travel Softball Whines About Increased City Fees! B|V|N Newsroom
26 Print Newspapers Are Dead - Get The Shovels B|V|N Newsroom
27 Riot at Madera High Football Scrimmage: Admin Says Public Has No Right to Know B|V|N Newsroom
28 The Death of My Uncle: The Examination of My LIfe B|V|N Newsroom
29 Save The Parade? Isn't It Already Paid For By Parking Taxes? B|V|N Newsroom
30 Hey Little League: It's River Park's Time To Shine B|V|N Newsroom
31 Teacher's Negligence Creates Dangerous Situation For John Adams Student B|V|N Newsroom
32 What is Judge Wieland's Problem With The United States Marines Corp & Voters Rights? B|V|N Newsroom
33 What the Hell is the Madera Tribune Thinking Supporting SOPA & PIPA? B|V|N Newsroom
34 California’s Redevelopment Nightmare Coming To An End B|V|N Newsroom
35 Has Downtown Madera Grown Apart From Downtown Association? B|V|N Newsroom
36 Conflict of Interest For Sheriff John Anderson To Nail Drunk Drivers? B|V|N Newsroom
37 Condiment or Topping: Is Me N Ed’s Setting Trend B|V|N Newsroom
38 Where the Hell is Madera North? Where the Hell is the Coyote Bear? B|V|N Newsroom
39 An Experience in Poop at Madera Community Hospital B|V|N Newsroom
40 Conflict of Interest in Madera National Little League Photos B|V|N Newsroom
41 One Bad Apple Might Spoil Madera Schools Success B|V|N Newsroom
42 Teacher Work Slow Down: MUTA Needs Leadership Without A Personal Agenda B|V|N Newsroom
43 Garibay Attacks Public Comments at MUSD Meeting B|V|N Newsroom
44 The Real PTA Shuts Down Clandestine Madera PTA Group B|V|N Newsroom
45 Blankenship Out at MHS Football B|V|N Editorial

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